Abia mad man debacle: JOK, others expose dearth of class in Ikpeazu’s gormless government

If the Abia State government were not in shamble, JOK and his fellow pseudo-experts wouldn’t have given prominence to the words of a mentally challenged person

I watched with sheer trepidation the disgusting video of a mentally challenged person apprehended by Ikpeazu’s government, coaxed and subjected to mental torture to retract his public criticism of the failed administration and to also admit that he was induced by opposition to do so.

The mentally challenged man was captured in a video last week at Ekeoha market lamenting the abysmal infrastructural decay in Abia State as well as criticizing Ikpeazu’s failed government for starring the Abia ship to the edge of the precipice.

Shockingly, the sickening video was broadcasted on Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Abia Online WhatsApp close group) by the Commissioner for Information, Mr John Okiyi Kalu with an accompanying caption “EXPOSED”.

Under it, was a poorly constructed sentences replete with gaping syntactic anomalies and tautologies meant to reinforce their misgivings about the earlier critical video of the mentally challenged man. It read thus:

“Popular Mad Man that speaks eloquently well (sic) & against Politicians including Okorocha while in office has been nabbed in Aba (sic). He was NEVER MAD. The man acting a mad man confessed being recruited by politicians to undermine the govt and governor of Abia State.”

In an exceptional government, this tragic farce should cost the Commissioner for Information his job. But our mediocre government serenaded him; the reason the video still trends on his Facebook page. It shows the intelligence level of the people saddled with the critical duty of managing information and communication for the highest political office in Abia State. What a disaster!

If the Abia State government were not in shamble, JOK and his fellow pseudo-experts wouldn’t have given prominence to the words of a mentally challenged person. This shameful display has exposed his ignorance and made him the object of public ridicule. A professional communicator wouldn’t have undermined “PERSONALITY” which is one of the components of a news story.

In Okiyi’s self-defeating write-up, he ludicrously concluded that the mentally challenged person shown in the video was “Never mad”. Now the questions I want him and his fellow clowns to answer are: How did they conclude that the man is not mentally handicap? Can they provide a medical report from a psychiatrist that certified the man okay?

At some point in the video, the man’s mental state betrayed him when he said he would mention the names of the two people who induced him with cash to criticise Ikpeazu but ended up mentioning several names. I wept for JOK and his contracted interviewers as they tried to stop the so-called fake mad man from digressing to Biafra matter.

My dear JOK, is it not a shame that in the entire Abia and Nigeria, the only voice the Chaplin of Government House, Dr Emmanuel, could find to prop the wobbling political image of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was that of a “mad man”? It lends credence to the views of critics that Ikpeazu government is a joke. No wonder your ilk is celebrated and considered titans in his government.

Whoever bathed, clothed, sat the “mad man” in an office and forced him through this mental torture has a worse mental case. I am, therefore, left with no choice than to demand that JOK and everyone involved is apprehended and bundled to a psychiatric hospital for a rigorous mental evaluation.

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