Ebube Agu arrests 37 bandits in Abia, secures INEC, police facilities

Ebube Agu security outfit has arrested 37 bandits, terrorising different communities in Abia state.

A community source said the suspects were arrested in Agubia community in Ikow local government area around 1.30am on Monday.

The source said, “From what I gathered, the people have been unleashing mayhem on the state. They could be the people burning INEC offices in the state. They were in their hideout when the Ebube Agu people pounced on them i the early hours of today.”

The Commissioner for Internal Security and Border Peace, Chief Stanley Okoro-Emegha, confirmed the incident, adding that the suspects were arrested where they were plotting to carry out attacks on INEC offices, on Monday.

He said, “Yes, we arrested them and this was made possible by the Ebube Agu security outfit.

“These suspects are indigenes of the state and some of them came from different states into Ebonyi to commit these crimes.

“These are the people burning INEC offices and we heard they were planning to burn some other national assets when they were arrested.

“We have already handed them to the police.”


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