Yinka Odumakin carried my salary to the grave — Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has claimed late Afenifere spokesman, Yinka Odumakin, cheated her by not paying her salaries as an employee.

In a YouTube video she posted on Monday, she said she begged Odumakin in 2014 for a job as an on-air personality (OAP) to review newspapers in his Ibadan-based radio station.

The deceased, she said, wanted her to be a social media manager for the radio Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms.

She added that the station manager, Dotun, refused to pay her salary. Odumakin, she said, not only refused to do anything about it but also backed supported Dotun’s refusal to pay her.

She shared the YouTube video on her Twitter handle with the caption: “REMEMBERING YINKA ODUMAKIN and how he cheated me, never paid my salary till today. When someone died we Remember them with #RIP but what about how they ruined other lives. Watch the rest here. May he rest in peace sha.”

Many Twitter users were divided over the appropriateness of her post.

While some saluted her courage to come out publicly, others insisted she should allow the dead rest.

Many others said the video was ill-timed.

@ambkoladan tweeted: “Though I salute your boldness, but his own part of the story might be different. The question is, why was this never said publicly when he was alive? Let the dead rest in peace please.”

@Ayrangers6 said: “This is completely true, Most of those that work with him confirm this and I can mention three of them.”

@biggraymee wrote: “I love your boldness Kemi. Most often, we fear to say the truth about the dead even if it is obvious. We only pay good tribute and 4give at dead when the person who wrong us died. Speaking up on his offenses makes a difference & I respect that. All the same, may his soul RIP.”

@Deji_OoniAbj tweeted: “Wrong timing. Allow the bereaved to mourn first at least.”

@Free_dom237 tweeted: “The dead is not here to defend himself. What you heard from her is a one-sided story. How can you rightly conclude that’s the truth?”

@wallaceonas said: “Every person on earth has been offended one way or the other, nobody is a Saint. When you die, someone will say one bad thing about you Sis. I don’t believe in ONE side of a story… A coin has to sides.”

@lagbajabambam tweeted: “How much is the man owing you?”

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