Igboho’s arrest: Buhari has declared war on Yoruba people — Afenifere

The arrest of South-West separatist Sunday Igboho is a declaration of war on Yoruba people.

This is according to Ayo Adebanjo who leads Yoruba social-cultural group, Afenifere.

The Muhmmadu Buhari regime arrested Igboho and his wife in Benin Republic on Monday night, and with help from Interpol.

The arrest came days after the Department of State Service (DSS) declared Igboho wanted.

On July 1, his residence was raided by operatives of the DSS, who confirmed killing two people and making several arrests.

Igboho’s allies said seven people were killed during the raid and the DSS evacuated all bodies.

Igboho should not be allowed to suffer alone for fighting for the liberation of the Yoruba, Adebanjo told Peoples Gazette on Tuesday.

“Yoruba worldwide should take to the streets to make sure that Sunday Igboho is not brought back to Nigeria,” the Afenefere leader said.

“And if they bring him back, the Yoruba should ensure that he is not badly tortured or worse. They have declared war on our people.”

The Afenifere leader said Yoruba youth should rise and demand a restructuring of the country, first with the adoption of an equitable constitution that will be written by all constituents that make up the country.

“Freedom is never given, it is always won,” he continued.

“People are too afraid of this regime and we have said it over and over that they should be bold to confront them and take back their country.

“They are ruling us with a constitution that we did not make. It is a military constitution and they have been rejecting all efforts to adopt a new constitution, including the 2014 national conference,” he said.

Adeyemo’s arrest came three weeks after the regime abducted the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, in Kenya and forcibly moved him to Nigeria.

Kanu was travelling with his British passport when the attack occurred, and the UK government has said efforts were underway to extract an explanation from Nigerian authorities.

Buhari has said he would always respect the rights of Nigerians, but warned that separatist pushes are often violent with insurrection undertone that his government will not allow to fester.

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