Who cast a spell on us? (part 23)

Real men of God do not curse they bless; unless you are telling us that you are Creeping Jesus

In one of my aborted serials early this year, where, I chronicled Dr Uche Ogah’s Tartufferies and deservedly styled him Creeping Jesus, countless of his sympathisers and attack dogs annexed my Facebook page, deprecated and inveighed against me.

As anticipated, they espoused their horse-and-buggy PR tactics – rhapsodising about his philanthropism and diffidence -. Not until the recent test of his amour propre, Dr Ogah was like the biblical Pool of Bethesda that healed anyone that encountered it.

So, it is understandable why tempers flared when I audaciously referred to our verecund Messiah (who is never boastful of his gargantuan achievements) as Creeping Jesus. However, his recent inglorious outburst speckled with recrimination, epithet and rodomontade has justified my submission.

In his response to some of his self-inflicted damages titled: A stop to wicked and baseless accusations by mischievous persons, Dr Ogah, whinged thus:

“In the course of time, some persons have found it a pastime to take a shot at my hard earned personality. For a while now, these fellows have gone to town with varying sorts of information all targeted at tarnishing my image and viciously attempting to create imaginary division within the rank of the All Progressives Congress in Abia State.”

Hello sir, I, disagree with this hypocritical allusion. There are no enemies anywhere except you and your boys, especially that grumpy chatterbox named Demian Igbokwe.

You and your camp gave the public the impression of schism in Abia State APC. For the sake of example, it’s fortnight Dr Alex Otti decamped to the APC, yet no public congratulatory message from you. Instead, with your covert permission, your so-called apostles persistently deride, pooh-pooh his resilience and address him pejoratively online. What does it signify? Harmony Abi?

Do not tell us that you suddenly forgot why you sacked Mr Igbokwe before rescinding. No wahala, I will remind you. They accused him of divulging how you were secretly rejoicing over the imprisonment of Dr Orji Uzor Kalu. You see, some of us heard the story. I am sure OUK’s camp heard too. Anyways, wetin concern me? If you asked me, I would suggest you wait till 2022 to see if the rumoured division is imaginary or real.

We also read where you asserted thus “I am one of the few Abians who “has never done any Government contract with the state government or directly benefitted in any form from Abia State Government’s fund…”

It sounds more or less a grandstanding. As a reminder, you built one of your moribund filling stations on a parcel of land that belonged to the Ministry of Works at Ibiam Way, close to the Abia State government House, Umuahia. An insight into how you acquired the land with properly documented evidence will lend credence to your claim.

Furthermore, Dr Ogah said, “I have not participated whatsoever in the fleecing of the State’s resources, whether now or in the past, rather, I have been giving and been spending my own resources in the State.”

This particular claim got me laughing because I never believed it could emanate from you. However, I found it strange that you lacked the balls to mention the names of the perpetrators at your level as a junior minister of the Federal Republic.

To make such a weighty allegation of “stealing of public funds” without calling the names of offenders is tantamount to pusillanimity. I am also surprised that you of all people, who relishes threatening/arresting those who made allegations against you with police/DSS would toe the same line.

Anyways, we would be under the influence of a magic spell to believe that you are criticising the government. I won’t doubt it one bit if someone told me that you had sent a text message of apology over this your reckless allegation. I am sure you made it out of anger and must be regretting by now.

Like I said earlier, you are the architect of your criticism. A critical look at your claim of owning the highest industrial cluster and the largest employer of labour in Abia State is ludicrous. Your companies in Abia State are moribund. Maybe you are talking about abstract employment commonly referred to as audio employment.

I want to believe that your spurious claims are the reasons for the knocks. We have heard several of them. How you cleared ABSU staff salary arrears; bought over 100 vehicles to support Ochendo Empowerment Scheme, still no evidence to back them up. I don’t even want to talk about your scholarship scheme and the fate of the beneficiaries. Let’s leave it for another day.

Lest we forget, real men of God do not curse they bless; unless you are telling us that you are Creeping Jesus. Your praying position, in the picture below, shows that you are conversant with Matthew, chapter 5, verses 44 -45. Oya read am and tell us wetin e talk.

To be continued

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