Terrible, horrible, evil things happening under Buhari government — Femi Adesina

“What is happening in our country is EVIL, in capital letters,” presidency spokesperson Femi Adesina wrote in a column on Friday.

Adesina added that the situation under Muhmmadu Buhari’s Nigeria is so dire that opposition figures have had to leave politics aside to help the current administration salvage the country.

“Terrible, horrible things which could only have emerged from the pit of hell,” Adesina, who is paid to defend the Buhari government, wrote.

“Crimes that the human mind finds difficult to conceive. Wanton killings. Abductions. Kidnapping for ransom. Robbery. Carnage. Murders. Insurgency. Banditry. All sorts. EVIL. EVIL. And no mistake.

“We are confronted with a grim battle between darkness and light. Evil and good. Righteousness and unrighteousness. Godliness and ungodliness. It is, indeed, a tussle for the soul of Nigeria.

“Can evil ever win? Can darkness ever overcome light? When good and evil grapple, can good ever be worsted in such encounter? That is the state we are in now. Evil is stalking our country. In the forests. On the roads. In towns, villages, whole communities. Call them insurgents. Bandits. Kidnappers. One thing is common to them. Evil.

“Till recent, we didn’t seem to know the enormity of what had descended on our country like tons of bricks. So we played politics with it. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was always quick to deride the All Progressives Congress (APC) government at the center over any security glitch. Their reasoning was: you ran us out of town in 2015 by playing the security card, now the shoe is on the other foot. You Tarka me, I Dabo you. I’ll pay you back in your own coin.

“But last week, something happened that indicated a reawakening in the land. The Governors of the PDP met in Abuja, after which they addressed a press conference, saying they were willing to support President Muhammadu Buhari in the fight against insecurity. Impressive.

“For anybody to think that the severe security challenges facing the country are Buhari’s cup of tea, or just the business of APC, is to live in denial. We are all together. When the kidnapper strikes, he does not know who is Muslim or Christian, who is APC or PDP, or APGA (All Progressives Grand Alliance). He just grabs his victim, and leaves sorrow, tears and blood as his regular trademark.

“When the insurgent plants his explosives, or throws a bomb into a crowd, he doesn’t care who gets hit: Muslim, Christian, animist, anybody. He is just interested in wreaking havoc, unleashing evil. Maximum damage is what he wants. And that underscores why we must all be together in the battle against insecurity. Encourage our government, and all the security agencies in the frontlines.

“President Buhari met with traditional rulers from across the country last week. He took reports from the six geopolitical zones , and the situation was, indeed, dire. And when the President responded, he unfolded what the Federal Government had been doing, and where successes had been recorded, and where a lot more needed to be done.

“The President told his royal guests. We are all together. Yes, the Constitution vests the responsibility for protection of lives and property in the Federal Government, but security is also a collective responsibility. It starts from the community level, where traditional rulers have a role to play. To the local government, State level, and up to Federal. We are all together. To secure our country is a collective duty, though the weight of responsibility may differ from level to level.

“Anyone that gloats when evil happens in any part of the country is an enemy of our Union. Anyone that sponsors, supports or encourages evil is an aching tooth, which is better out than in. Nigeria must survive, but it won’t survive without all of us. We have roles to play. We are all together.

“Do you glean any ideology behind the many security challenges facing the country? Catch an insurgent, and ask him what he had been fighting for. He stays dumb, looking like a fool. True, he did not know why he was fighting. Apprehend a bandit, and ask him why he was doing what he did. He looks like a cornered rat, seeking a route of escape. He can’t defend what he had been doing. The same with all those engaged in various forms of evil. No ideological underpinning. Just evil. EVIL in capital letters.

“And that is why this evil must be beaten. It takes all of us to do it, irrespective of political leanings. That is what the PDP Governors Forum has just demonstrated.

“To restore security to our land, we must all be together,” he said.

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