TB Joshua was an irresponsible prophet who damaged society — Sandra Ezekwesili

The story of Prophet TB Joshua will not be complete without a honest conversation about how his teachings caused societal damage, Nigeria Info journalist Sandra Ezekwesili says.

TB Joshua, who founded the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), died on Saturday at the age of 57. He reportedly took ill and was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Ezekwesili said it would be dishonest to not openly talk about how TB Joshua, who sought medical help over his own health, encouraged many of his followers to rely on “miraculous” holy water and anointing oil from “The Synagogue” for their own ailments.

“TB Joshua was reportedly ill and went to the hospital,” the journalist tweeted on Sunday.

“Did he teach his numerous followers to try hospitals and not abandon their medication for his holy water and anointing oil?

“His ministry did a lot of damage. Any conversation that doesn’t include that is dishonest.”

Ezekwesili’s tweets attracted angry reactions from Nigerians who pointed out that TB Joshua did notable philanthropy. But the journalist doubled down on her perspective about the late religious leader’s life.

“I said what I said,” she replied her critics.

“(The) man was irresponsible as a leader. (He) did not walk in the footsteps of Christ and his ministry was toxic and exploitative.

“Death doesn’t erase that.

“I had nothing good to say about him while he lived. I won’t start now because he is dead.”

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