Ugandan pastor celebrates TB Joshua’s death

A Ugandan pastor, Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Church Kampala, has celebrated the death of Prophet TB Joshua.

TB Joshua, the founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), died in Lagos on Saturday evening shortly after concluding a programme at his church. He was 57.

Pastor Senyoga reacted by urging his congregation to rejoice with him over the Nigerian’s passing because TB Joshua “was the biggest witch in Africa” who taught other pastors to enslave their members with food and demonic water.

Senyonga, during a church programme, as shown in a video online, jubilated with his congregation over the death of TB Joshua.

“TB Joshua is dead! Somebody shout hallelujah!” the pastor bellowed. “He died last night.”

The hysterical cleric added, “I told you all God was going to overcome battles in Jesus’ name, I want to take it as a victory.” The pastor said TB once flew the Uganda to kill him but failed.

In a veiled reference to people killed after a building collapse on the Synagogue’s premises in 2014, Senyonga said, “He thinks his life is better than the lives of a thousand people that have died”.

“What makes you think you can kill others because you want sacrifices?”

At least 115 people died in that 2014 building collapse after TB Joshua expanded the structure without government approval.

TB Joshua blamed the tragedy on terrorism and was caught apparently trying to bribe reporters to coverup the tragedy. The Premium Times reporter who made the allegation said TB Joshua offered him ₦50,000 but he refused.

The Lagos State Government was also accused of failing to bring TB Joshua, who reportedly had access to powerful politicians across Africa, to justice.

Controversies continue to trail TB Joshua’s death after radio journalist Sandra Ezekwesili flayed the late “prophet” for making his followers believe in “miraculous” holy water and anointing oil while he consulted medical doctors over personal health issues.

“He caused a lot of damage,” she said.

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