Senegalese journalist under fire for calling EndSARS ‘an aimless protest’

Fatoumata Oumar drew angry reactions from Nigerians after she called EndSARS protest “aimless”.

Oumar’s Facebook profile says she is the editor of Discover Africa News.

“I think the protests in Nigeria is largely aimless. Aimless protesters,” she said in a post on Saturday.

Oumar later discovered Nigerians, who are protesting against police brutality, are not taking to her comment too kindly.

Here are screenshots.

Okay, that’s enough.

After getting on the receiving end of backlash online, Oumar uploaded another post in “solidary” with the protesters. But she insisted that the protests were taking too long.

“I stand in solidarity with Nigerians especially the youth and celebs as they unite to fight mis-governance through protests,” she wrote.

“To me, this is a sign of renaissance and it is welcome. As a journalist, covering Africa, I have information about Nigeria and I have written a lot of stories on Nigeria. Just like it is in some other parts of Africa, maladministration is endemic in Nigeria.

“But I worry that the ENDSARS protest in Nigeria is not properly thought-out. That is why they are still on the street even after the government granted their demands.

“It appears me that the protesters should do more to get their thoughts together on what their demands should be.

“They must ask for definite things that would bring eternal solution to bad governance in Nigeria.”

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