Police start arresting Nigerians without masks — report

Security agencies have been instructed to start enforcing President Muhammadu Buhari’s executive order on COVID-19, reports say.

The executive order revolves around mask wearing, social gathering and other COVID-19 guidelines.

Those convicted under the executive order, which Buhari signed on January 27, could face fines, a six-month jail stint or both.

Several security agencies have reportedly been ordered to start enforcing the rules. A circular to that effect is making the rounds in Abuja. It reads:

“Dear colleagues tomorrow Morning Monday 1/2/2021 the Task Force on COVID-19 in the FCT along with the Mobile Court will start arresting violators of COViD 19 protocols. Ensure you wear your face mask any time and every where you go. You are warned.”

The presidency, on Sunday, warned Nigerians to follow coronavirus guidelines or have fresh lockdowns imposed on the country.

The warning came 24 hours after Buhari was spotted with no mask on in a crowd of other politicians — a violation of his own executive order on the pandemic.

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