China bans Nigerians over coronavirus

In 2019, the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, China. Almost a year later, China has been able to keep the virus under control within its territory.

In a bid to keep the virus out, China is now banning nationals from other countries from entering the mainland.

The countries affected are those still recording coronavirus cases.

The temporary ban affects people from Nigeria where 11 persons were said to have died from COVID-19 complications.

The Embassy of China and Consulate in Nigeria announced this in a public notice on Thursday, adding that it will no longer issue a certified health declaration form for non-Chinese nationals in the country.

According to the communique, entry by holders of diplomatic, service, courtesy or C visas will not be affected.

Foreign nationals visiting China for emergency needs may apply for visas at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

Also, entry by non-Chinese nationals in Nigeria with visas issued after 3 November 2020 will not be affected.

The Chinese authorities said the suspension is a temporary response necessitated by the current situation of Covid-19.

According to the statement, the above-mentioned measures will be assessed in accordance with the evolving situation and any adjustment will be announced accordingly.

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