Police detain Deeper Life school officials, teachers, doctor in child ‘molestation’ case

Akwa Ibom police have reportedly detained one Dr Effiong Udimidue over the alleged molestation and maltreatment of Don Davies Archibong.

Don Davies, an 11-year-old JSS1 student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, was sexually abused by teachers and senior students, his mother allege.

Don-Davies mother, Deborah had petitioned the police alleging that her son was dehumanised, molested and starved. She said his abusers even inserted their hands and legs into his anus.

Dr Udimidue and four other employees of the Deeper Life school were reportedly detained after police met with the parties involved in the matter on Tuesday. The doctor is a government retiree who now runs a private clinic. He, according to Deborah, secretly took Don Davies’ blood samples.

The vice principal and an administrative employee of the Deeper Life school were also detained, Vanguard reported.

Two teachers, who doubled as boarding masters for junior and senior students hostels, were also detained. They were identified as Mr Akpan and Mr Nseabasi Joseph respectively.

Tuesday’s meeting with the police, which ended around 5pm, was part of law enforcement’s investigation into the Deeper Life High School apparent scandal.

Last Thursday, the police invited all parties involved, including the senior students accused of molesting and bullying Don Davies. They honoured the invitation and made statements over the allegations.

Deeper Life Christian Ministry, led by Pastor William F. Kumuyi, has promised to handle the matter with transparency and ensure justice is served.

The police made a similar pledge.

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