Only demonic Nigerians attack pastors for buying private jets — Rev Elijah Amusan

It is demonic to expect all pastors to be poor, Cornerstone Christian Centre leader Reverend Elijah Amusan says.

Amusan said many Christian clerics go through a lot lifting others up and should draw no surprise or criticism when the people they invested in decided to bless them.

He said only someone possessed of a demon would become angry at pastors who prosper. Amusan advised Nigerians who complain about pastors living large in the midst of national poverty to hold their incompetent government responsible for their economic problems.

“As a single pastor, only a few folks close to me know how much I am suffering in the name of the gospel,” Amusan said according to reporting by Church Gist.

“As part of my principle, I alone cook for myself in my nearly four years of missionary work in Keffi. Last night, among countless nights, I slept hungry.

“I write and publish devotionals every single day since January 1, 2017, till date without ever missing one day. I have manuscripts waiting to be published. I have my phone switched on 24 hours to pray with folks anytime they call.

“To say I’ve emptied my treasury countless times to meet bills running into seven; figures; to say I’ve stood in faith with church folks faced with life threatening issues and got testimonies of victory.

“Now tell me, will these folks be so ungrateful to forget my labour?

“Imagine one of them becomes a billionaire in 20 years’ time and decides to appreciate me with a jet or gives me money huge enough for me to decide buying jet with it and you choose to transfer the aggression meant for your incompetent government on me.

“Even God will punish you! My angels will punish you!

“The rage against the prosperity of preacher is nothing but jealousy and we know it’s demonic.

“Excuse me, pastors give values. We solve problems with the power of God; problems that stagger medical science, problems that defy the laws of physics.

“Many of us, I repeat, more than 90 per cent of pastors are poor, very, very poor.

“So, if you feel terrified at the few out of millions of us that are prospering and buying private aircraft, start buying more pain pills because many among us will yet prosper in mind-blowing ways and the latter will definitely be greater than the former.

“So, I advise you go take a chilling pill. You haven’t seen anything yet,” he said.

Church Gist

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