Jane Obiene: Nigerians raise N4.2 million for amputated EndSARS protester

Jane Obiene went viral after marching against police brutality on one leg.

EndSARS protesters then decided to raise N1.5 million for her so she could get an artificial limb.

But Nigerians overwhelmed the financial target by raising N4.2 million for Jane Obiene, investigative journalist ‘Fisayo Soyombo has said.

“Jane Obiene will soon be walking almost normally,” Soyombo said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“N4.2m raised for her in a matter of hours even though N1.5m was the target.

“She’ll get this artificial leg because she was prepared to lose the second. She could’ve even lost her life during the EndSARS protests.

“As a people, if we will be prepared to lose everything, if we will think of this country first and ourselves last, we will definitely rouse Nigeria from its slumber.

“Problem is we often think of ourselves first and the country last; sometimes we never even remember the country at all!”

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