Heroic lady guides school children through Port Harcourt flood

A Nigerian lady is winning praise online for preventing a terrible situation from turning into a tragedy.

When flood took over a section of her area in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, she helped school children pass through the street without the risk of falling into a ditch.

“I may never know your name but know that I appreciate you,” Numbere Sokoipiriye, who shared a photo of the lady on social media, said.

“This lady at Mile 3 Market, under the rain, she was preventing waste plastic from entering the drainage as well as helping school children fine their way across the flood.

“You see the position of the stick she is holding. If any child fall in there that’s the end of that child.

“I prayed for you and I know God who owes no man will surely bless you. You are my hero.”

The Facebook posts has been liked, loved and shared many times.

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