‘Fight crime, leave rights activists alone,’ AAC tells Lagos ‘puppet’ police chief

The Lagos Branch of the African Action Congress (AAC) is compelled to respond to the rabble-rousing remarks made by APC’s puppet Hakeem Odumosu, who is installed as the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State with the principal aim of enforcing APC’s anti-democratic policies of repression and oppression.

We have observed very closely the utter reluctance and cowardly attitude with which Hakeem Odumosu approaches real crime issues in Lagos State and how he readily jumps to his feet to respond to his masters’ calls to quell citizens who are exercising legitimate rights that are enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We are in utter consternation that in a state infested with hardened criminals who serially rob and execute a variety of other crimes on a daily basis against law-abiding citizens, Mr Odumosu is curiously preoccupied with the very antithesis of the office he occupies – plotting with political criminals to execute their Mephistophelean schemes against Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), agitators for the Oodua Republic and other Civil Right Movements and Political Groups who have committed no crime known to any Nigerian law to warrant the grand conspiracy being hatched by Odumosu and the mask-wearing criminals manipulating him.

We must make it emphatically clear that a power-drunk Odumosu and his confreres in the blood-soaked APC regime are without the competence to create a sordid ocean and then coerce everyone else to drown in it. The people have unfettered rights to explore other lawful and legitimate alternatives in their quest for survival.

We therefore call on Hakeem Odumosu to summon some courage, grow beyond threatening and arresting unarmed peaceful protesters by confronting real criminals in Lagos State. We further call on Hakeem Odumosu to focus on his statutory duty of eradicating crime in Lagos State and desist from further meddling in politics. His speculative claim that IPOB plotted to attack “soft spots” in Lagos, in a desperate bid to create a confrontation between IPOB and Oodua group, is unacceptable and totally at variance with his job description.

It is obvious that the Nigerian tyrant dictator Buhari and his blood-soaked APC regime may not have previously come across the saying that “common problems unite victims.” Dictator Buhari and his blood-soaked APC regime have vowed to exterminate every Nigerian through anti-people policies and Boko Haram, and the regime’s victims have naturally united for a firm and coordinated resistance.

Consequently, the AAC urges Nigerians to ignore the bunkum spewed by a cowardly Hakeem Odumosu, whose only achievement since assuming office as Lagos State Commissioner of Police has been the harassment and illegal arrests of unarmed peaceful protesters across Lagos. We further urge Nigerians to not back down in their quest for justice and freedom from an evil and blood-shedding government.


Elias Ozikpu
Publicity Secretary, African Action Congress, Lagos Branch
May 11, 2021

Lagos AAC

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