Why Sanwo-Olu must face ICC over Lekki shooting — AAC

The Lagos State Chapter of the African Action Congress (AAC) has said Babajide Sanwo-Olu, governor of the state, must be made to answer for crimes against humanity over his role in the killing of peaceful protesters on October 20 at the Lekki Toll Plaza.

In a statement by Kunle Wizeman Ajayi, the state chairman of party, the AAC said Sanwo-Olu misled Nigerians on his role in the killings which extended beyond Lekki before he was fingered by the military for his involvement.

It reads, “Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu is very involved with the massacre committed through the Lekki shootings and other shootings around Lagos State in Badagry, Mushin, Berger, Ketu, Abule Egba, Ikotun, Igando and several other areas.

“He is the one that invited the military as well as even SARS (in the case of Lekki and Surulere) and the police.

“Also, Sanwo-Olu misled the public many times with open lies by first denying the Lekki shootings and then blaming only the army, just as the governor also said no one was killed and later confessed he saw just two bodies in the morgues(whereas, Governor Sanwo-Olu was at the Lekki scene by 3am according to eyewitnesses accompained by the Maroko Police Division DPO.

“These inconsistent and conscious efforts at militarizing against real democratic engagements like protests show that Governor Sanwo-Olu is a despot and he has no place in modern democracy. He should therefore step aside now!

“Revelations have also shown that Governor Sanwo-Olu was in the know of the removal of CCTV cameras as well as the switching off of all the lights. It is therefore clear that this genocide happened same way at most parts of Lagos in quite a premeditated manner.

“Lagos AAC use this opportunity to also call on all activists and peaceful people of Rivers State to rise and protest against the Oyigbo massacre still ongoing. The vampires must not be allowed to keep trampling on us with their thirst for ‘mud and blood’.

“How can Governor Wike and the military claim to be maintaining peace by condoning off a whole society and it’s environs and you start maiming, killing, and destroying?!

“Finally, we call on all Lagosians to rise and ask Governor Sanwo-Olu and his cronies to step down.

“The weight of such massacre that precendented widespread violence and brutal repressions were caused by the state government’s premeditated and organized fatal attacks on the EndSARS movement for peacefully and legitimately ignoring an ill-advised, immoral, and undemocratic curfew. AAC therefore calls on the Lagos Panel of Inquiry to maintain their honour by handing off cases of Lekki and the Lagos massacre.

“An independent and unbiased truth commission is what is moral and judicial!

“Another Lagos without these use of tyrannical engagements is very possible. AAC believes that all oppressed must unite and concretely demand for a new Nigeria nay world.

“The #EndSARS movement has shown the correctness of our party and movement’s positions that the ruling parties are consciously imposing poverty and hardship, as the discoveries of hoarded COVID-19 palliatives show.

“Governor Sanwo-Olu must toe the path of honour by stepping aside and surrendering to the International Crimes Commission at Hague over inflicting such fatal attacks on peaceful and legitimate protesters.

“Meanwhile, Lagos AAC send our condolences to all protesters killed. We pray you all rest in power. We also condole with police workers who were mobbed. All are victims of this rotten political system.”

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