Eromosele Adene: Arrested EndSARS campaigner has liver problem, sister cries out

Eromosele Adene was arrested as part of the Nigerian government's crackdown on protesters.

Detained musician, civil rights activist and EndSARS protest campaigner Eromosele Adene has a liver condition, his sister has said.

The police arrested Eromosele, 27, in Lagos on Saturday and have now moved him to Abuja where he is reportedly being held in a clinic.

Onomene, during a TV programme on Tuesday, appealed to the police to release her brother on health grounds so his condition does not get worse.

“Last year, he went to about six states to share alms,” Onomene said about her brother.

“So, when he came back, he had some issues with his liver – may be the change of environment or the situation of the places he found himself because of his love for this country.

“He came back with some issues with his liver, hepatitis something, I can’t remember which. That is not even good for him. Him being there, him being in a place he is not used to is not good for him. Anything can actually happen to him. He needs to be released.”

Eromosele’s lawyer Babatunde Jinadu said his client has been in the clinic since his transfer to Abuja.

Jinadu said the police authorities were playing “hide-and-seek” with his client’s case but expressed hopes to secure his bail today in Abuja.

“I am here to see him and I will still apply for his bail again after whatever investigation they want to carry out. And I hope they will grant the bail,” he stated.

Eromosele Adene was arrested as part of the Nigerian government’s crackdown on protesters. The government has also a court order to freeze the bank accounts of Nigerians who donated towards the protests.

Observers say the move is unconstitutional and anti-democratic.


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