Abia Line: Answers will exonerate Ugochukwu Uwaeke from thievery

When one finds oneself in a society encouraging public officeholders to steal, demanding accountability becomes abominable.

Therefore, it wasn’t unsurprising to read the disgraced former Abia Line GM, Ugochukwu Uwaeke Johnson, exhibited arrogance in his longwinded response to my accusation of peculation, boondoggles and omnishambles against him while in office.

Aside from declaring his willingness to submit himself for probe, he also garrulously bragged he would ‘run me out of Umuahia’, in his kindergarten response replete with grammatical errors and gapping syntactic anomalies.

My problem with vain and boastful talkers is their swiftness to decry threats to life and resort to petitioning law enforcement agencies when they perceive a nimbus of rough play around them. However, I will treat his idle fanfaronade as a slip of the tongue for now and dare him to repeat the threat further.

Nevertheless, I will not swerve from the subject of appropriation, which is the kernel of the substance.

Ugochukwu, beyond your ill-thought rodomontade, how many fleets of Abia Line vehicles did you inherit in 2012 when you assumed office and how many were on the ground and functional during your inglorious exit?

What was the Abia Line workforce (staff strength) before your appointment and disgraceful sack? What was the salary arrears before Ochendo angrily relieved you of your duty?

What were your financial worth and assets owned before your appointment, and what were your fiscal value and property acquired before your disgraceful sack?

What year did you acquire the property in Ukaegbu Estate, Umuahia, that you recently sold and purchased another in Amakama Olokoro, serving as your resident and toilet tissue factory?

As we await answers to these posers, let me remind Ugochukwu that dismissal from public office is a dent in his political CV. It explains why he remains an outcast and in obscurity 11 years after. My dear, Mr Chatterbox, only a foolish migrant challenges an autochthonous son. Be guided.

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Don Norman Obinna

Don Norman is the acclaimed author of 'Raped & Enslaved: Era of Kleptocracy'.

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