Climate change won’t allow Buhari destroy bandits — Lai Mohammed

Information and culture minister Lai Mohammed says the Muhammadu Buhari government faces a major hurdle in its quest to rid Nigeria of banditry.

Mohammed said the “environment” will be affected if the government destroys the forests where bandits build their bases and hold kidnapped victims.

He noted that the better solution to eliminating bandits from the forest was to have better consultation between sub national government, the federal government and security agencies.

“We cannot destroy the forest because of climate change,” Mohammed said during an appearance on Channels TV, Tuesday.

“The better approach is not to destroy the forest because it would affect the eco-system but what we need is better consultation with sub national government and security agencies on how to secure the forest to make them safe for everybody.

“Those forest are used as hideouts but I think with technology today and when all our platforms are delivered, it will no longer be business as usual as the forest will not save those criminals and bandits but again we need collaborative effort of everyone.”

The minister assured Nigerians that security is top priority in the Buhari-led administration.

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