Buhari has dementia, must resign — Junaid Mohammed

President Muhammadu Buhari, 78, has dementia and should, therefore, resign from office, Second Republic lawmaker Junaid Mohammed has said.

Dementia, according to WebMD, is a broad term that describes a loss of thinking ability, memory, and other mental abilities. Old age is a contributing factor.

Mohammed said Buhari’s dementia has robbed him of the ability to govern his own family. He said anyone who can not coordinate his own domestic affairs should not be allowed to lead a nation of 200 million people.

“Being the President of the country, he doesn’t have a private right to mislead the people of this country,” Mohammed said in an interview with Sahara Reporters.

“If he is sick, the people of Nigeria are entitled to know. If he is unable to perform his duties as elected President, then the people have to know.

“And in knowing, Nigerians will have to be guided by what the constitution says about the state of a President who is entirely infirm, who is unable to perform the duties of a President.

“Five years after my statement and public altercation with the Presidency, it’s now clear that the man is sick, he is not only physically ill; he is also mentally sick. He is completely mentally infirm.

“He is in no position to handle his affairs not to talk of handling the affairs of 200 million people. Clearly, his handlers know he is not in control of the state. He is not even in control of his family affairs.

“So, it’s now left for Nigerians, especially those of you who are young, to now determine what needs to be done. This is because we can’t allow someone who is completely infirm, someone who is diagnosed with dementia.

“There is no difference between him and someone mad, someone who has completely lost his senses.

“If Nigerians decide to keep quiet out of consideration for either religion or tribe to allow this man to continue messing up this country and making us an international disgrace, then Nigerians shouldn’t complain.

“But as far as I’m concerned, the man has outlived his usefulness. It should be only right that he should be asked to go,” Mohammed said.

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