You won’t believe what protesters just did to armed police at Lekki tollgate

Protesters have started turning the table against brutal police officers at the Lekki Toll Plaza.

The protesters stormed the facility on Saturday to stop the government from resuming the collection of tolls until those Nigerian soldiers shot at the venue last October get justice.

But the demonstrators were met by heavily-armed police officers who seized their phone, beat them, arrested them and ferried them off in Black Marias.

The mass arrest has not stopped protesters from storming the venue. Reports say more demonstrators are now going to the Lekki tollgate and doing something, according to witnesses, “brave”.

“After the first round of arrests, different sets of protesters are arriving the toll gate, defying all the ‘show of shame’ by the police,” activist Femi Adeyeye said.

He said the fresh set of demonstrators would then address the crowd of protesters and police, and “freely walk into any available Black Maria” to be arrested without incident.

“The police have been defeated again,” Adeyeye said.

His claim has been confirmed by journalist Dotun Olawoye who is reporting live from the scene.

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