Yoruba Muslims reject Oodua Republic over absence of Sharia law

Some Islamic adherents from the South-West region have started signing a petition kicking against the proposed breakaway of a separate Yoruba nation.

According to some signatories of the petition, Muslims in the South-West are not reckoned with in the agitation for the Oodua Republic.

The petition, which was started by Oyedeji Owoseni, on May 30th had garnered 273 signatures and 181 comments as of the time of filing this report.

The brief on the petition read, “Muslims’ concerns are not important to Oodua agitators; Muslims were not even involved at all in their agenda. A Muslim is not safe in their scheme.

“Do you agree with this position?”The signature section of the petition was, according to Sahara Reporters, signed primarily by Muslims in Nigeria while a few others signed from the United States, Burkina Faso, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

A signatory, Abibat Adebisi Sanusi wrote, “We are better together as a Nation, one Nigeria, one people. All we need to do is harness the opportunities in our diversities.”

Adesina Kareem wrote, “I am not pleased with those spearheading the agenda. Most of them cannot be trusted with power.”

Sulaiman Abdul Majeed said, “I am not in any way considered in the Oodua republic agitation equation.”

Baba Lola Moshood opined, “I am not in support of Oodua nation because those agitating for it are thugs, oppressors, and thieves.”

Ayinde Ibrahim wrote, “It’s a suicide mission to allow the secession to fruition rather it must be disembarked and allow peaceful coexistence (sic).”

Bashir Jamiu Aina stated, “Where there is no mutual consultation for coexistence, there is bound to be no peace. Muslims were not carried along with the Oodua agitation and even before then, Muslims were found to be sidelined in some decisions affecting the Yoruba community.”

Olawuyi Abdul Akeem wrote, “I don’t believe in Oodua Nation’s agenda. It is suspicious, cultist and Christian inclined.”

Bashir Olawuyi said, “It’s not a good agenda. They used some Muslims to campaign for them by promising certain things and also giving some amounts of money in order to have Muslim followers. This is a decisive act. I reject it.”

Sanusi Wasiu wrote, “I am not safe under Oodua nation agenda because they will deny me my right to practise my religious aspect of life, they have been depriving our female children their right to use hijab in public schools; also, our wives are being maltreated because they chose to be modest by following the Quranic injunction.

“My religion is not safe with Oodua nation. To crown it all, I preach peace and unity, calling for Yoruba Nation or Oodua republic means calling for disunity among us, peace be unto you.”

Abd’Raheem Maruff said, “Shariah is condemned in Oodua agitations. I cannot live without Shariah.”

Gbadamosi Ibrahim Ayinde wrote, “Indeed it’s a dangerous mission like wanting to colour self to a suicidal adventure which in any case must be discouraged at all cost.”

Adeniyi Liadi Oyedele said, “Their (agitators) target was to suppress Islam and Muslims as well in South-West so they have hidden agenda and no true Muslim must support it.”

Sahara Reporters

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