Woman reunites with men she used to give akara 40 years ago

Ugochukwu Tony Oputa shared the following story on Monday. The events happened in Anambra.

Today, while having the usual morning round table discus with my kinsmen, my dad recollected the story of a lady who sold akara while they were very small.

He stated how the lady would always give them akara every day they passed her place while going to school.

My dad’s brothers also stated the same. They said it got to a point that the lady would deliberately keep aside some portion of akara to give to them anytime that stopped by. This was over three to four decades ago, and the lady should be way above 100 years now.

My dad said thoughts of the lady had always crossed his mind and was of the opinion that he had an obligation to see her, at least while she was still alive.

My dad’s brothers bought into the idea and within minutes, we decided to drive and go locate “Daada”.

When we arrived at her place, it was amazing to see how agile she seemed after living for over a century.

Immediately we got to her, she hugged every one of us with excitement and rubbed our foreheads with the charcoal on her fingers, while raining blessings on us.

Amazingly, Daada was able to recognize the “children”.

They recounted their experiences with her. You need to see her excitement.

The thing is, she never had any child of her own, but her kindness to these children was phenomenal, and for these “children” to visit her unexpectedly after many years, in remembrance of her act of kindness, it was a great deal to her.

She entertained us with groundnuts.

In pictures: Pious Anambra akara seller reunites with customers from way, way back

When we were about to leave, everyone put funds together and gave to Daada for Christmas, and Daada told us to come together, went in to get her Bible, and started praying for everyone.

She went on to tell us to write our prayer points individually in her Bible.

It was an awesome experience for me, as I left there feeling so blessed. She prayed for us from her heart.

In her words when translated:

“I’m not leaving yet, but still, you all will live longer than me.

“As you came together today, please when I finally leave this world, you all should come when I’m being laid to rest.”

May our good deeds always be remembered.

Ugochukwu Tony Oputa

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