Why next Benue governor should be Idoma — APC chieftain

The caretaker deputy chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue, Kpamor Orkar, has said that an Idoma indigene should be considered for the governorship position in the state in 2023.

Since the creation of Benue in 1976, only Tiv people have been elected governor, while Idoma and Igede people occupy the deputy governor’s position.

Mr Orkar told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday that he did not believe that only Tiv people should continue to produce governors of the state without considering the minority tribes.

He stressed that Benue people need to consider an Idoma person for the position of governor in 2023.

“The Tiv people who are the majority in the state must remember that they will not continue to produce the governor of the state ignoring other minority tribes,” he warned.

He explained that the other tribes need to be given the opportunity to occupy the position of governor in the spirit of fairness and equity.

“If tomorrow a Tiv man wants a position at the national level and is saying that minorities should be considered, people should ask him how he has treated the minority tribes in Benue.

“It also means that one day an Igede person will be governor in Benue State,” Mr Orkar said.

He noted that the position of the party chairman is usually given to the Idoma people because the Tiv’s are always having the governorship position.

“The fact is that when Benue State was created we had Igala and Idoma people with us.

“These tribes said the first governor should come from the Tiv axis and so whenever there is a Tiv governor the chairman comes from the Idoma area,” he explained.

Mr Orkar also said that the upcoming APC congresses and national convention is an avenue for the party faithful to elect credible people to manage its affairs.

“Our party slogan is change; that change means a lot but many don’t know.

“It means moving from what has been in existence to something new. Our party is for the real change, although it is not easy,” he said.

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