“The Economy is getting harder” – Tragedy Strikes as Globus Bank Employee, Amarachi, Takes Own Life Amid Economic Struggles.

Globus Bank Staff commits suicide amid economic struggles

On Wednesday, January 10th, a gloomy event unfolded as one of the employees of Globus Bank Ikorodu branch, Amarachi, tragically ended her life by consuming a harmful substance, Sniper.

Amarachi, in a suicide note, attributed her actions to the growing economic challenges she faced. The note, expressing her deep distress, revealed a stark reality:

My figure is low

My brain is clogged up

The economy is getting harder

My decisions are wrong

My mind is messed up

The future doesn’t seem bright at all, I see extreme hardship

I can’t bear the pain anymore 

I’m sorry Mum, I’m sorry Dad, I’m sorry MeMe, Okwe, ToTo, Nazor, Chuchu, Ifunaya

Dear Lord have mercy on me.”

This tragic incident sheds light on the profound impact of economic difficulties on individuals, urging society to address mental health and well-being amidst challenging times.

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