Police disregard physical distancing while arresting youth for wearing no mask

Abuja police officers didn’t mind breaking a few coronavirus regulations while trying to take a young man into custody.

The police, a witness said, chased down the young man for not wearing a mask and grabbed him closely in ironic show of disregard for the same rules they were trying to make the youth obey.

The officer who grabbed the man was wearing a mask over his mouth while his nose was exposed. Another officer at the scene reportedly had no mask on.

When a bystander, Hauwa Abdusalam, tried to intervene, she said the police assaulted her and grabbed her phone.

“This happened right in front of my estate in Abuja,” the woman said.

“On my way out, I saw police men chasing and manhandling a hungry pedestrian because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

“I came down from the car and begged them to stop beating him while I offered to go back home or give them money to buy him one but one of the police men started telling me to mind my business and get out.

“And I said to him that I wouldn’t go anywhere till a solution was proffered and that was how he hit and pushed me then I decided to bring out my phone.

“One of them then grabbed my phone.

“By then, people started stopping and begging me to leave before I got killed for nothing. Things can’t continue this way!”

Hauwa Abdusalam shared the story on Sunday.

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