Plan your escape from Nigeria, Pastor Paul Adefarasin alerts church

Members of the House on the Rock Church have been told to prepare an exit plan from Nigeria.

Senior Pastor of the House on the Rock Church Lagos, Pastor Paul Adefarasin sounded the warning to his church members.

Adefarasin urged his church members to start preparing a plan that will take them out of Nigeria. He gave the advice on Sunday, May 9, after he spoke extensively on the state of the nation.

He called on all leaders not to be partisan at this time.

”No country in the world history has survived two civil wars,” he said.

“You could be in fright and running for your dear life any day from now if this thing does not come to an end.

“My personal encouragement to leaders and government on all sides is that it is not time to be partisan, blend the aisles. It is time to sit down and dialogue.”

Speaking further to his church members, the clergyman urged them to have a ‘Plan B’ as his wife is currently out of Nigeria helping to create their own exit strategy.

”I bring you greetings from Pastor Ifeanyi who is busy taking care of the frontier of our world and preparing our escape route,” he said.

“If you don’t have a Plan B…I know you have faith, but I have faith too but I have a Plan B.

“With technology I can speak to you from anywhere in the world.

“Get yourself a Plan B. Whether that’s an okada to Cameroon or flying boat or speed boat as we call them to Seme border or a hole in the ground, get your Plan B because these people are crazy. They are nutters. The whole bunch of them. And watch the signs because it can happen like this. God forbid!”

Rueben Abati

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