Pastor Jeremiah Fufeyin, woman, ex-boyfriend face lawsuit over missing 2-year-old

A man who identified himself as Alfred Ayo, has accused his physically challenged ex-wife, Ruth Matthew of using their two-year-old child who went missing in Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministries (CMDM) for business.

Ayo’s lawyer is preparing to sue his ex-wife, Ruth; pastor of church, Jeremiah Fufeyin; and Ruth’s alleged boyfriend, Emmanuel Marcus, a family source is quoted to have said on Thursday.

Ayo had accused Ruth of conniving with Marcus, whom he referred to as his ex-wife’s boyfriend of selling their child.

He insisted that the physically challenged woman and Marcus knew the whereabouts of his son, Testimony Ayo.

The factory worker who was at the Magistrate Court 2, in Effurun, Delta State on Tuesday said he only realised what was going on after his attention was drawn to some reports on the internet about the case.

While appealing for government intervention in the case, Ayo alleged that Ruth also ran away with his money, adding that he needs help in recovering his baby and money.

“Abeg, make them help me, I dey waka like person wey no get pikin, I get children. Make them help me, make this woman bring my children for me. If she no marry me again, I no worry to marry, make she just bring my children to me (Please, I need help in recovering my child from my ex-wife. I don’t mind if she doesn’t want to remarry, I just want my child).

“As she collide with Emmanuel Marcus, maybe they sell the child or anything wey they use am do, either na juju, make them provide my pikin for me, I know say my pikin they alive. My pikin no die, she dey alive (She connived with Emmanuel Marcus to seel my child or use him for ritual purposes. However, I know my child is alive).

“Make government help me ask Emmanuel Marcus wetin him use my baby do. The government should help me, I’m looking for my baby, Testimony Ayo, it’s over two years now, I no use my eye see my pikin (The government should help me recover my baby, it’s been over two years since my child went missing).

“Emmanuel Marcus and the mother know where they put my children. Na four children she born for me, all boys, na the small one they missing now. She and Marcus, them do meeting together, carry my baby away.

“For two years them no tell me, I no get Android phone, na where I dey work my colleague show me say Ayo, no be your pikin be this, na there I know say court sitting they today (Emmanuel Marcus and my ex-wife know where my child is. We have four boys; it is the youngest child that is missing. He had been missing for two years and nobody told me. I don’t have a smartphone, I learnt about my child’s disappearance from my colleague at work. That was how I got to know that there would be a court sitting today).”

A family member, according to Sahara Reporters, on Wednesday accused the woman of not informing her ex-husband about the missing child for two years.

The family source added that the husband would soon sue Ruth and the church over the incident.

“She didn’t tell Ayo about the missing child till date, they had marital issues and she left him. She took the children to the church without informing him. One of them went missing in the church but this woman didn’t feel the father should be aware of it, for good two years. She didn’t tell the ex-husband. Then something is fishy.

“Either from the woman, church or somewhere, the missing son’s surname is Ayo but you didn’t let him know his son was missing. Assuming he was informed when the incident happened, we would not be at this stage at all. She handled the case for her selfish aim. Did she tell the world it was her boyfriend, one Marcus that took her to the church? What was she doing at the church in the first place? Was it not to collect money from the pastor who they said had been distributing money anyhow to people? So the woman needs to be asked many questions.

“Ayo will be taking all of them to court soon, he has informed his lawyer already. Even the boyfriend won’t be spared. He is an accomplice in this case.”

Ruth had accused the founder and senior prophet of the church, Jeremiah Fufeyin of abducting one of her sons after she took four of them to the church.

She was arrested by the police and charged in court by Fufeyin for allegedly defrauding the general public using his name.

“Three years ago, a physically challenged woman named Ruth Matthew went to the church of popular Warri-based prophet, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin with her four children (all boys),” an activist had said.

“She said when Jeremiah saw her, he asked if he was the mother of all these boys and she answered him yes, then from there at their “mercy land” shrine, the youngest of her son who was then 2 years old disappeared mysteriously. She began to look for him but couldn’t find him.

“Jeremiah’s security couldn’t explain where the missing child was and they have refused to show the CCTV footage of what transpired.”

According to the activist, Fufeyin and the church members told the woman to stop looking for the missing boy.

“Ruth refused and kept raising her voice to make sure she gets back her son. A South African-based preacher who has been exposing occultic and rogue African false prophets, especially in Nigeria got in contact with her and began to help her out to see that justice is done and she gets back her child.

“Jeremiah and his gullible followers didn’t like that, so they began threatening her and also promising her millions and cars for her to stop talking about her missing son but as usual she refused.”

Sahara Reporters

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