Panic in Nollywood as Genevieve Nnaji is ‘hospitalised over mental health battle’

Fans of Nollywood screen goddess Genevieve Nnaji have raised concerns over her safety.

This was after she deleted pictures and videos on her Instagram page and unfollowed everyone.

Genevieve is one of the most followed Nigerian actresses on Instagram with 8.5 million followers.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the extremely private actress on Monday, deleted all the videos and pictures on her Instagram page.

Genevieve is reportedly under the watchful eyes of doctors in Texas, USA.

Reports say that the wildly-loved and widely-cherished Nollywood icon is battling mental ill health.

Genevieve, who was reportedly hooked on drugs, sought spiritual help in the past to overcome her addiction, sources claim. Genevieve’s handlers had been working round the clock to keep the media from learning about the mental state of their boss. Still, the dam broke loose on Tuesday night after an infamous controversial blog began tweeting about the issue.

Although the news remained unconfirmed as of the time of filing this report, another blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus, hinted that Genevieve was ill but dismissed some of the claims made by the other blog as ‘fake news’.

“Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji needs love and prayers to overcome what she is going through and not breaking news to allege that she is down because of drug overuse,” Stella Dimokokorkus wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday morning.

“OMG, this is so wrong. So, if someone is down it automatically means they took drugs?

“Would a real nurse who works in the US where the law works stupidly come out to confirm such sensitive info riddled with lies instead of protecting by keeping quiet? Whoever you are, I pray you lose your license to practice any kind of nursing.

“It is not everything that is sensational, please. Pray for Genevieve to come out of what she is going through and may God forgive those of you who are already slamming her online.

“Did you see a doctor’s report saying she took drugs?”

In an apparent bid to dismiss the news, Genevieve’s team shared a video of her apparently painting a work of art. But the video did not seem to be helping as Genevieve was trending on Twitter as of the time of filing this report.

The disturbing news has left fans disturbed about Genevieve’s safety.

Genevieve was the first actor to win the Africa Movie Academy Award in a leading role in 2005.

Dr Penking, on his twitter handle @drpenking, said that it was unusual, adding that “someone should please check on her. No one is above mental breakdown.”

Also, Mr Francis Awuche, a resident, called on the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) to reach out to the actress to ascertain the situation of things with her.

He said that for her to take such a drastic action suggested that there was something amiss, which must be unravelled.

Reacting to the development, the President of the AGN, Emeka Rolland, told NAN that he was not aware of Genevieve’s exit on Instagram.

“Maybe I will have to reach out to her since I am just getting this news from you now. I have not learnt of that.

“I will reach out to her to know whether she’s safe or not after your call. I cannot just conclude with hearsay or rumor,” he said.

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