Oyo: Amotekun intercepts 13 armed ‘northerners’ who carried hunting dogs

Some gunmen suspected to be hunters were on Monday arrested by Amotekun as they were travelling through Oyo State, police said.

The men, numbering 13 and travelling in a truck, were found with 25 guns and 10 dogs after they were intercepted by the Ido unit of Amotekun.

State police spokesman Olugbenga Fadeyi said the gunmen had their identity cards with them and claimed to be hunters going on a hunting expedition from Kebbi, Peoples Gazette reported.

“They were accosted on Eruwa road yesterday, police are currently investigating them,” Fadeyi said. “But their agitation is that they are here for hunting.”

“They met them with dogs, guns, and hunters’ ID cards, they said they are from Kebbi, so the police are currently investigating them to know to be sure that they are mainly for hunting,” the police chief added.

Mutual suspicion between Fulani herders and locals has gripped Ibarapa area of the state in recent weeks, amidst relentless claims of deadly activities of herdsmen.

The herdsmen have been alleged to be perpetrators of crimes from rape to armed robbery, kidnapping, destruction of farmlands and murder.

Fulani leaders have strongly rejected all allegations of criminalities, warning that Nigeria’s unity could only be preserved if citizens shunned bigotry and focus instead on criminal elements, who could be found in all parts of the country.

Peoples Gazette

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