Operation Burst: ‘Soldier flogs lady, turns emergency barber for Ibadan men with indecent haircut’

A Nigerian soldier, or at least a man dressed like one, has been spotted flogging a woman whom he, according to multiple witnesses, accused of “dressing indecently”.

The gross violation of human rights reportedly occured in Beere community of Ibadan, Oyo State, on Monday morning.

The said soldier is allegedly among Nigerian troops attached to “Operation Burst” — a security initiative Governor Seyi Makinde approved to combat widespread looting and arson after suspected thugs hijacked EndSARS protests.

The “soldier” was also recorded stopping passers-by, extorting money from them and using a pair of scissors to shave off the hair of men he considered “indecently dressed”.

He has been identifed as O. Adesina.

Watch the video above.

A resident confirmed the incident to The Realm News.

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