Nigerian soldiers ‘threaten to join EndSARS protest’

Any move by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to unleash the military on EndSARS protesters will backfire.

This is according to activist Deji Adeyanju who said he has spoken with several soldiers who have vowed to down tools and protest against the Buhari government should it deploy the military against the EndSARS movement.

Adeyanju’s comments comes within 24 hours of information minister Lai Mohammed claiming the protests for police reform were degenerating into anarchy and must so be crushed with military might if necessary.

But Nigerian soldiers are reportedly displeased with what they believe is the failure of the government to take proper care of troops deployed to fight Boko Haram.

They are reportedly angry that the Buhari administration is rehabilitating and paying “repentant” Boko Haram terrorists while the families of soldiers slain at the frontline languish in poverty.

Since October 3, demonstrators have been protesting and calling for comprehensive police reform.

The protests have been occasionally disrupted by thugs whom demonstrators say were hired by government officials to discredit the movement and then use the ensuing violence as a pretext for military crackdown.

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