Niger community ‘attacked after young boy died during street fight’

There was palpable tension after a young boy reportedly died in a street fight in Angwan Boro area of Niger State on Thursday evening.

Idris Beyioku, a witness, said a duel ensued between the boy and a resident of the community where 15 people were recently abducted.

It was learnt that the boy, who was said to be Fulani, collapsed and died.

This, the witness said, led to an attack by Fulani men who came in their numbers to avenge the boy’s death, destroy property and injure people in the area.

The fatal fight is being linked to Monday’s abduction of 15 people by armed bandits in the community.

“Another crisis has erupted. A Fulani boy was killed, so the Fulani people are trying to avenge the death. People are saying this kidnapping issue is done by Fulanis,” the witness told Sahara Reporters.

“And the particular area the boy was killed was the same area the 15 people were kidnapped. The dead boy had a fight with someone from another tribe, and he died in the process. The name of the area where the incident is happening right now is Angwan Boro.

“The Fulani are trying to avenge so they came to that same place, destroyed people’s property and injured people.

“But, the police have come to the rescue,” he said.

Sahara Reporters

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