Najeebah: Police remind Nigerians about taxes in controversy over fate of kidnapped sisters

Nabeeha: Police remind Nigerians about taxes in conversation over fate of kidnapped sisters

In a recent post on Platform X, Nigerian Police spokesman Prince Olumuyiwa Muyiwa issued a call to Netizens, urging them to pay taxes amidst the ongoing outcry over the kidnapping of Najebaah and her sisters who were kidnapped from their homes at Abuja on December 26th, 2023. The spokesman, who posted on January 13th, 2024, suggested that the concerned family should contact him ‘codedly’ for further information on the matter. 

However, this move was met with serious criticism from Nigerians. A user known as ‘Man of Letters’ on Platform X expressed strong disapproval of the spokesman’s handling of the kidnapping case. In a supportive comment, Olusegun Adeoye argued that there is no harm in asking questions, emphasizing that his taxes contribute to the police officer’s salary.

In a recent development, Nigerian spokesman Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi responded with a comment, urging the Netizen to comply with his requests and further encouraging others to fulfill their tax obligations.

His comment reads:

“Has anyone around you paid for tax bef…. ?? Ask them at home. This is how we know those who are into tax evasion.. they always shout, tax, tax, and tax.. so always pay tax and encourage others to pay, then you sound better.”

In a subsequent update, hours after the initial post, Prince Muyiwa Adejobi, the spokesman, clarified that PPROs are not in charge of on-field operations. He emphasized that their role is primarily communication-based, handling tasks related to bridging the gap between the organization and the public.

His comment reads:

“PPROs are not in the operations department.. be guided. All they do is to attend to issues, communicate, and bridge the gap between the organisation and its public. That PRO on X, and in the news, is the one doing what he has been appointed to do. All complaints are referred to relevant units to act. Many here just like to exhibit hatred for the police and not concerned about addressing the general problems and challenges of policing the country. Are you not part of the security problems in Nigeria? Ask yourself before you claim holiness on social media. He who preaches equity must come with clean hands.”

Recall, in a tragic incident, Najeebah, along with her father and sisters, fell victim to kidnapping on December 26, 2023. Subsequently, the father was released with the demand to procure a N60 million Naira ransom by Friday, January 5, 2024. Regrettably, Najeebah was killed, prompting the kidnappers to raise their ransom to N65 million and set an ultimatum of Wednesday, January 17, 2024, for the release of the remaining hostages.

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