More woes for Nigerians as ‘pure water’ now sells for ₦20 per sachet

Clean drinking water seems to be getting of reach for millions of Nigerians who rely on nylon-packed versions of the naturally-occuring commodity to stay alive.

The price of the version popular called ‘pure water’ has risen by at least 100 per cent, checks by The Realm News showed.

Destiny, who works at Manda’s pure water factory in Shomolu area of Lagos, said the price of five bags and half of pure water rose from ₦550 to ₦600.

A bag usually contains 20 sachets each previously selling for ₦10. It even used to be ₦5 but now goes for ₦20.

“Things are now expensive and you know the situation of our country, everything is now expensive,” Destiny told our reporter.

“The prices of chemical and nylon is high and we are left with no option than to increase the price.”

A retailer in Bajulaiye, another area in Shomolu, said she had no option but to hike her price. Other retailers in the area said the same as consumers complain about the development.

The price increase forced pure water factories to down tools last week, with some factories selling five bags for ₦500 without adding an extra half.

Residents confirmed similar hikes in Gbagada, Ikorodu and Mushin where consumers can still get four sachets for ₦50. Elsewhere, the number of sachets falls by one at the same price.

In Yaba, a sachet could still be bought for ₦15 as of last week. The price, we gathered, remained ₦10 in Ebute-Metta as of the same period.

The alarming hike comes as Nigeria battles double-digits inflation amid the economic fallout of coronavirus lockdowns.

The prices of food items also continue to rise, heaping more suffering on the country where over 100 million people already live in poverty.

Itunu Samuel

Itunu is a communication student at MAPOLY and a social media intern with The Realm News.

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