Impeachment fails again as Senate votes 57-43 to acquit Trump

The US Senate has acquitted former president Donald Trump of inciting the January 6 Capitol riot.

Five people died during the riot. They were all Trump supporters. One of them was shot dead by the police.

Saturday’s verdict, on a vote of 57-43, is all but certain to influence not only the former president’s political future but that of the senators sworn to deliver impartial justice as jurors.

Seven Republicans joined all Democrats to convict, but it was far from the two-third threshold required, AP reported.

Trump welcomed his impeachment acquittal and said his movement “has only just begun.”

The former president slammed the trial as “yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country.”

This is the second time the Democrats would fail to successfully try Trump after impeaching him. They tried the same in 2019/2020 but it did not work out.


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