I don’t want another civil war — Sunday Igboho

Anti-Fulani crusader Sunday Igboho has rubbished media reports claiming that he is calling for civil war.

Igboho, whose real name is Sunday Adeyemo, became a subject of national discourse after embarking on a unlawful crusade to expel Fulani herdsmen and settlers from the South-West.

Igboho and his supporters accuse members of the ethnic group of vandalism, kidnapping, rape and murder. Igboho says he wants to liberate the Yoruba nation.

Nigeria once went through a three-year civil war in 1967 after Biafra separatists tried to form their own country out of the South-East. Recent reports insinuated that Igboho said he was ready for another civil war to implement his pro-Yoruba agenda.

Igboho has now refuted those reports. He also appointed a spokesperson, adding that he would no longer grant media interviews.

“This fight is not about civil war, it is about the killer herdsmen who are killing our people,” he said.

“I have been seeing fake news flying here and there, some said I’m not scared of civil war, any news that you see henceforth that is not from Koiki don’t believe it.

“Anything Koiki says about me is true because we sleep and wake up together every day.”

Igboho said he will no longer grant interviews, stating any news that comes from Koiki is authentic.

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