I can buy petrol at N5,000 per litre, man brags

A “political linguist and “public affairs commentator” who goes by the name “Akinloye NG” on Facebook says he’s unfazed about the latest hike in fuel price.

Petrol could begin selling for N170 per litre after the Muhammadu Buhari government raised its price for sellers.

In an “I told you so” jibe, Akinloye took to his Facebook account to remind Nigerians he warned them not to choose Buhari.

“Reality dawns,” he wrote on Friday morning.

“Hehehe, you’re alerting me to the new fuel pump price; thank you my dear. I can afford it at N5,000/litre.

“We are enjoying the government you twice helped to power. I didn’t warn because of myself, it’s because of you.

“So, let’s merry together in your handwork,” Akinloye said.

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