FULL VIDEO: Mr Macaroni opens up on police brutality over Lekki tollgate protest

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Nigerian comedian Mr Macaroni has opened up on how police stripped him and other protesters naked after arresting them at the Lekki Toll Plaza on Saturday morning.

The demonstrators had gathered at the Lekki tollgate to stop the Babajide Sanwo-Olu government from allowing Lekki Concession Company (LCC) resume toll collection until the dozens of Nigerians shot by soldiers at the venue last October got justice.

There was no incident of violence on the part of the protesters. But the police, who had laid siege to the facility on Friday, beat the demonstrators, seized their phones, arrested them and arraigned them before a mobile court for “breach of public peace”.

One of those beaten up was 28-year-old comedian Mr Macaroni whose real name is Debo Adebayo. They were arrested, hurriedly arraigned and later granted bail.

Mr Macaroni, whose real name is Debo Adebayo, said the police bragged that they would have killed the protesters if the arrests were made at night.

“If the word was not out that people were already being arrested, people would have died,” Mr Macaroni said 24 hours after he was released.

“They were telling us that ‘we’ll shoot you and nothing will happen. If it was night, all of una for don die’.

“They took us to Adeniji where we were beaten and stripped naked. Everyone was beaten. These people don’t care about anyone. Them beat me, saying I’ll get sense by force. They also destroyed my phone.

“So, we’re in a serious shame but it’s not to silence our voices. They cannot continue to oppress us. Those of us that have the voice will continue to talk.”

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