Fear in Akure as Nigerian youth tweets ‘suicide note’ after ‘crashing N2 million drone’

Friends and concerned Nigerians have launched frantic efforts at locating a certain Ayomide Adeagbo.

Their efforts began after Adeagbo, a drone pilot, left what some feared is a suicide note on Twitter.

“I am not just saying this but I don’t know what might happen next,” @AyomideAdeagbo tweeted on Saturday.

“I crashed a N2 million naira drone. My mum’s salary is N15,000 per month.

“And the owner wants to use the drone tomorrow. Where I want see money?

“What’s the reason of staying to get detain and humiliated?”

Several social media posts indicate that the Nigerian youth is in Ijapo area of Akure, the Ondo state capital.

A twitter user also claimed the young man is “fine”.

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