Father Mbaka replies Garba Shehu, says he only wanted to help Buhari tackle insecurity

Adoration Ministry priest Father Ejike Mbaka has denied begging the Muhammadu Buhari government for contracts.

Father Mbaka, who supported Buhari in 2015 and 2019, recently declared that God now wanted him to prophesy against the president. The Catholic priest also demanded Buhari’s resignation over the spate of insecurity in Nigeria.

Presidency spokesperson Garba Shehu responded by saying the Enugu-based priest only attacked Buhari because the federal government refused to sidestep due process to award him juicy contracts.

Shehu said Mbaka went to Aso Rock with three contractors and asked Buhari to compensate him for his support by awarding him contracts. But the president, according to Shehu, refused and only referred the Catholic priest to the appropriate channels for contract bidding.

Father Mbaka, on Sunday, fired back by saying Shehu’s comments proved he was not on the federal government’s payroll. The priest also vowed to build the best hospital in West Africa even without Buhari’s support.

“I must do it Insha Allah,” Mbaka vowed.

Here are some of the other comments the priest made on Sunday:

“If I talk, you talk, because the government is paying you? Do you know how many people I am paying? I am an employer.

“Someone said he gave father Mbaka a contract; I started laughing. I am not here to defend anybody’s stupid allegation but God used that man (Garba Shehu) to tell the world that the Buhari government is not giving me money. Shehu, God bless you for telling everybody you didn’t give me a contract.

“The three men he (Garba Shehu) talked about..these were the three men that I recommended to the government; they wanted to tackle insecurity; they had the gadgets. That was during the first administration.

“They had a platform to end insecurity in one month. I handed them over to the government people. I didn’t know them. They said they had all it takes to revive the oil apparatus and get the youths employed; the government rejected their offers.

“Do they know how many people I feed? They reported they denied me a contract; which contract? Do they know how many widows I am paying their house rents? If a priest who has no child can do this, the federal government should do more.

“If they are worried I am blessing Nnamdi Kanu, is he not blessed, is he not my brother spiritually, is he not my son? What’s their problem? Let them be careful with their choice of words. If anyone tells the truth, he becomes a terrorist, shame on you…. I do my charity without assistance.”

Mbaka gave the response in a video his ministry, Sunday night, shared on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

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