ECU: American university disowns ‘Professor’ Ganduje

Umar Ganduje’s phantom stint as a visiting professor at the East Carolina University (ECU) has ended before it even began.

Remember Ganduje? He is the Nigerian politician apparently caught on video pocketing millions of cash in dollars believed to be bribes he demanded from contractors.

Recall that the Kano governor’s aide, Abba Anwar, recently bragged about ECU appointing his boss a senior mentor and visiting professor.

There was some level of shock after the public heard Anwar boast about how Ganduje was appointed an ECU professor over his “leadership achievements”.

Well, the American university has now reportedly denied doing so.

ECU said the letter Governor Ganduje got was from a member of its faculty — one Victor Mbarika — who had no authority to make such appointment.

ECU, according to Premium Times, sent the new letter to Ganduje and shared it with the online news platform. Premium Times said it had mailed ECU to confirm if the US university actually appointed Ganduje a professor.

ECU denied doing so and shared a letter it sent Ganduje about the non-appointment with Premium Times.

The letter of denial reads:

“I must inform you that the letter you received from Dr. Victor Mbarika, on November 30, 2020 does not convey an authorized offer of appointment or establish any position of scholar or professor at East Carolina University (ECU).

“Only the Chancellor, myself, or another official identified in ECU’s published statement on Delegation of Contracting Authority for the Division of Academic Affairs may authorize or sign appointment letters under which faculty are employed.

“Dr. Mbarika is not such an official.”

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