David Hundeyin accuses ‘sex for grades’ journalist, Kiki Mordi, of sleeping with BBC producers to secure media gigs

Nigerian journalist David Hundeyin has vowed to open the gates of hell on the career of Kiki Mordi, a colleague in the industry.

Kiki was shot to fame for her role in exposing the alleged sex power play between University of Lagos (UNILAG) lecturers and their students. The lecturers, it was alleged in a report Kiki did with the BBC ‘Africa Eye’, were pressuring students into sex before awarding them exam marks.

Hundeyin is known for investigative reports on several subjects ranging from terrorism to cybersecurity to kidnapping.

Both award-winning investigative journalists are currently fighting on Twitter and Hundeyin has threatened to expose his female colleague whom he accused of sleeping with BBC producers to land jobs.

Hundeyin provided no proof to back the accusation but apparently threatened to do so if Kiki adds petrol to the fire.

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