COVID-19 cover-up scandal rocks NIMC

Leaders failed to inform workers after three officials of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) tested positive for COVID-19, striking employees allege.

NIMC workers have already downed tools over fears the coronavirus could be spreading like wildfire among employees in Abuja and elsewhere.

The President of the Association of the Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN), NIMC unit, Asekokhai Lucky, said the workers were angry because the management of the commission was aware of the positive coronavirus tests, but kept it from workers, who could have taken necessary precautions to protect themselves.

Lucky also said the workers would meet with government on Friday (today) to discuss the COVID-19 scare and other issues that led to the strike.

Following the strike embarked upon by the workers, people who trooped to the NIMC offices across the country, were stranded as there was nobody to attend to them.

There is a surge in National Identity Number (NIN) registration after the government instructed telecoms operators to block SIM cards that were linked to NIN. At least 100 million Nigerians do not have NIN.

“Three workers of the NIMC have contracted COVID-19 because in our recent meeting a member of staff actually testified to it,” Lucky told Punch on Thursday.

“The minute of that meeting captured it, as three persons are down with COVID-19.

“Some of us actually thought those guys were on leave. It was clear yesterday (Wednesday) that they were treating themselves in isolation centres.”

“Our annoyance is that the management refused to say it out, knowing that it would have helped us to take all necessary precautions. Nobody is talking to anybody.

“That is our annoyance. Yes, our pay is poor, but there are ways we can manage ourselves.

“The three staff members are in the headquarters here in Abuja. One has been treated, but has not gone back for clearance.”


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