Buhari is the problem of Fulani herdsmen — Sule Lamido

Former Jigawa governor Sule Lamido has blamed the seemingly national persecution of Nigeria’s Fulanis President Muhammadu Buhari.

Lamido made the comment follow the illegal decision of Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho to expel Fulani settlers from the South-West. Igboho and his supporters accuse the ethnic group of vandalism, kidnapping, rape and murder.

“Today, Nigerians are so blindfolded on the hates and apparent dislikes of Fulanis because of President Buhari mis-governance, forgetting that not all Fulani’s even voted for him and or like him,” Lamido told reporters in Kano.

“You can see that, myself as a Fulani, I didn’t vote for Buhari and our parties are completely different, but at the same time, the Yoruba’s in Tinubu, the Igbos in Ngige and the South South in Ameachi were the ones who firmly stood behind the president to win, not even the Fulanis.

“I expects Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Ameachi and the likes of Chris Ngige to come out and frankly speak in protections of the Fulanis because they are behind the election of Buhari who is a Fulani head and who also benefitted immensely from his government not even the herders who are today been persecuted.

“But their criminal silence in the face of the horrible attacks on Fulanis after benefiting jointly in the government led by a Fulani figurehead is worrisome and something like a betrayal of trust to the president and his kinsmen.

“Nigerians should know that Fulani herders are very peaceful people who pursue
nature and live by nature, they are never violent.

“Today the Northerners and the entire Fulani race are not in peace.

“Even in the North, the insecurity and the killings plus kidnappings created by the APC-led Buhari regime has affected everyone, so to bully them and see them as Nigeria problems is adding dangerous salt to their injuries,” he said.

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