Buhari blocks Nigerians from replying his tweet

This is borderline serious.

After rising to power on the wave of the public criticisms that sacked his predecessor from Aso Rock, President Muhammadu Buhari is apparently not warming up to the opinion of Nigerians about his own administration.

The Nigerian government, under Buhari, is notorious for assaulting and incarcerating protesters, activists and critics.

What’s going on? Even these men can’t post a reply to Buhari’s tweet.

Deji Adeyanju, one of such critics, has been arrested six times and remanded in prison three times since 2018. Another critic, Omoyele Sowore, was grabbed by the Department of State Services (DSS) and detained till the United State’s government called for his release. Sowore’s movement is still restricted to Abuja where the government is charging him for treason for leading the Revolution Now movement.

And now, the president won’t even allow Nigerians engage him online.

On Wednesday, the eve of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day Anniversary, Adeyanju drew attention to something strange. President Buhari posted a tweet but locked the reply section so that no other person but himself could comment on it.

The move, which comes hours before Nigerians protest on October 1, is being criticised as another indication of President Buhari’s aversion to public dialogue.

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