Anambra government demolishes buildings, reclaims lands ‘stolen’ by private contractors

The Anambra State Government, Tuesday, began reclaiming lands it said were illegally occupied by private developers.

Lands situated behind Nwafor Orizu College of Education Nsugbe, which had been illegally acquired and occupied by various private developers, were recovered, Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) reported.

A government taskforce descended on the area of land totalling 126,337.984 square meters where buildings and fences already erected in defiance to series of government warnings were demolished.

Most of the people erecting structures were served notices as far back as June 2020 when the team officially commenced the process of recovery, ABS reported.

According to the Executive Chairman of Physical Planning Board, Barrister Chike Maduekwe who led the exercise, people make the mistake of going into lands not being used without asking questions.

He emphasised that the exercise was in continuation of the process commenced by the taskforce last June on the directive of Governor Willie Obiano.

He pointed out that even after marking the place and sealed as government land given to the college, a few youths who have no right over the land, persistently sold the lands to unsuspecting members of the public.

He said even villagers were not happy because people who were genuinely interested in purchasing community lands run away.

He warned that government was planning to do something with land, as such, people should keep off.

Maduekwe concluded that the taskforce had collected names of those who illegally occupied the land. He said they would be prosecuted.

Anambra Broadcasting Service

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