Amotekun created to kill Fulani herdsmen, Hausas, other Northerners — Miyetti Allah

Nigerians must hold Ondo governor Rotimi Akeredolu responsible for the “ethnic killings” carried out by the Western Nigeria Security Network, alias Amotekun Corps.

This is according to pan-Fulani group for cattle breeders, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore.

Miyetti Allah, on Thursday, alleged that Akeredolu, who recently ordered Fulani herdsmen and settlers to evacuate Ondo forests, created Amotekun to kill Fulanis, Hausas and other Northerners in the South-West.

Miyetti Allah, through its national secretary Saleh Alhassan, however, praised Bauchi governor Bala Mohammed for supporting the “rights” of Fulani herdsmen to carry AK-47 rifles for “self-defence”.

The Miyetti Allah secretary accused Akeredolu of being “the brains behind the creation of Amotekun” which he said is unleashing terror on Fulani herdsmen and Northerners in the Southwestern states of Ondo and Oyo.

“Akeredolu created an ethnic militia (Amotekun) that is now unleashing terror and mayhem on innocent herders and northerners living in the South-West against unconstitutional and blanket eviction notices for herders to vacate places where they earn their livelihoods (sic),” he said.

“Akeredolu will be held accountable for the ongoing genocide against innocent pastoralists and northerners living in the South-West.”

Akeredolu had last month issued a seven-day quit notice to the herdsmen operating illegally in the state’s forest reserves.

The governor also banned underage grazing, night grazing, and movement of cattle within cities in the state and on highways.

The issue generated an uproar and after a meeting with different stakeholders, Akeredolu asked herdsmen to register with the government so that they can operate unhindered in the forest reserves.

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