Alleged bag snatcher ‘nabbed with toy gun’ in Port Harcourt

Local vigilantes in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, said they helped arrest a man who was “terrorising” residents with a toy gun.

The said arrest happened on Sunday night after the suspect allegedly snatched a lady’s bag and phone.

This is according to Collins Chidoka who said he helped subdue the suspected robber.

“Yesterday (Sunday) night, at about 7:50pm, we were going somewhere with my younger brother and the chairman of Diobu Security Service (DSS) popularly known as Diobu Vigilante,” Chidoka wrote in a Facebook post in which he also attached photos of the suspect.

“I was with my younger brother on my bike driving too. When we got to Happy Food Bakery, I drove into a scene where this idiot and two other of his gang men carrying a bike were snatching a young girl’s phone and handbag.

“So, I asked my younger brother to grab him very well while I packed my bike but when I discovered he was holding a gun I left my bike to fall on the floor and assisted him to grab him.

“I held him and discovered that the gun was a toy gun, so I quickly call on my chairman to come back to the scene.

“Some police officers came and collected him (the suspect) from us after few investigation.

“Eyes witnesses, passers-by and people who reside at that environment testified that the suspect and his gang have been terrorising and making the whole of that zone unbearable and uncomfortable for them.

“Diobu vigilante will never stop this good job of ending crime in Port Harcourt at large,” Chidoka said.

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